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Ironwood's Learning Management System (LMS) is a hosted cloud-based solution eliminating the need to install complex programs, invest in hardware or software or have dedicated IT resources. The learning platform is managed for you by Ironwood Learning.

Our platform has a global reach serving millions of users who login into a custom branded site with their own company's logo and branding to access proprietary content or content from a variety of vendors. Learning can be accessed from a computer anywhere in the world.
Custom Branded Site   Custom Branded Site

Within a few days, Ironwood can create a custom site with your company logo and branding. You can access the site via a secure authenticated tool which takes the learner directly to the learning portal. We can provide your IT department with the encrypted token specification to create a single-sign-on web service enabling your users access to the LMS from your intranet.

  Learning Administration Services   Learning Administration Services

Ironwood offers learning administration which includes course and roster management, notifications, reports and learning maps and much more. This service allows you to focus on other priorities that can drive organizational performance.

  Learning Map Creation   Learning Map Creation

Ironwood can also work with your leadership team to develop learning maps and plans based on competency models designed to enhance staff performance based on their level, job description and business requirements of the organization. Learning Maps and Plans help drive individual performance to close skill gaps within your organization.
Manage Your Learning   Manage Your Learning

Learners have access to detailed transcripts. Managers can view transcripts of staff based on their role within the organization. Managers can also assign learning by individual, office, department , title etc. Managers can also approve requested learning.
  Email Notifications   Email Notifications

Notifications can be automatically sent to notify learners during all phases of a learning event: registration, approval pending/awarded, reminders of assigned learning.
  Custom Reports   Custom Reports

Roles are set up for three types of users; Learners, Managers and Administrators. Learners have access to all learning activities. Managers can review the learning of direct reports and administrators have access to reports. Reports are run in real time and can be exported to Excel and filtered as needed.
Self Reporting   Self Reporting

This feature allowing a learner to enter an outside learning event into their transcript. This can include seminars, webinars, conferences, courses etc.
  Calendar Views   Calendar Views

The LMS allows learners to view learning available only for their office or by division or country. Calendars are used to identify all instructor-led training, seminars, webinars etc.
  Certifications   Certifications

Certificates can be printed from the LMS for courses that have approved certification by an outside entity. Custom certificates can be created for all proprietary content.
News + Events   News + Events

This section is found on the learning home page and is designed for you to be able to push information to staff as frequently as you like.
  Social Media   Social Media

This module allows for collaboration between users who are interested in sharing information about courses or areas of interest. Features include Forums, Blogs, Wikis, Q & A, URL's, Files, Podcasts, Webcasts and Suggestions.
  More Information   More Information

To contact Ironwood Learning, please call 412.784.1384 or click here for contact form.

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