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There are times when you need to create custom content to ensure staff is properly trained in order to support your business objective. Whether is it sales, business processes, new products and services, safety, ethics or client training, we will work with your subject matter experts to build propriety content.

Content Development Process
Based on years of experience and developing hundreds of hours of content, Ironwood uses a proven, industry-accepted content development methodology and works with your subject matter experts to build unique content relative to your organization.
Meeting with your project sponsors/managers to create a detailed plan before course development begins is imperative to building effective learning. We work with your team to ensure clear business objectives have been identified and agreed upon and then we assist you in aligning learning to those objectives. We also document what constitutes a successful learning event and how that success will be measured. Finally, you identify key members who will be invited to the Design Session where the course development process begins.   In order to accelerate the design process and to reach concensus on a course design, it is necessary to bring together key stakeholders, SME's and the instructional design team. During this one to two day session (depending on the volume of content to be addressed) we work with your team to confirm the business needs driving the project based on prior direction from project sponsor/managers. We also confirm the success factors for the project with the team. We identify the performance gaps that need to be filled in order to meet the business needs.
  Based on the information gathered and documented in the Design Session, our instructional designers (ID’s) work with your SME’s assigned to the project and who gather content and information to be included in the course. Storyboards are then created for your review that show how the content and graphics will be displayed on each screen. After you review the storyboards we make any changes you may have. The course is thoroughly reviewed for quality, and based on your approval of the final storyboard, the course is created using a web based authoring tool. It is then ready to be posted and reviewed online.   Part of implementing newly created courseware is to test it with a pilot group to ensure there are no technical issues within your organization that may impede launching the course. It also provides another avenue for quality assurance. When the course is ready to be posted on a learning management system (LMS) you can use Ironwood’s LMS or you can use your own. If you choose our LMS, we will work with you to determine who in your organization should have access to the new course. We can host any of your other content as well provided it is SCORM or AICC compliant. We can also help you with communication plans to announce the availability of the content to your staff and or customers.   Evaluation can occur both before and after a course is implemented. During the Analyze Phase, the factors that determine the success of a learning event are documented. An organization can conduct a base line survey with the desired audience before the course is launched and then conduct another survey several months after the course has been completed. The goal is to measure the impact on behavior against the predetermined factors. Ironwood works with clients to conduct these surveys.

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